Zoya, my favorite nail brand sells more than just pretty colors. They have a line just for those who prefer a natural manicure. The Naked Manicure line corrects and improves the color of your nails, and with regular use can actually improve the health of your nails.

I generally prefer pretty colors on my nails, so I didn’t see myself being a regular user of this line. I decided to get the half size bottles rather than the full size. Who actually goes through a full bottle of nail polish anyway. With the Mini Pro Kit, you get the whole collection in smaller bottles for a price that is a bit easier to chew on.

Even though I only reach for this every so often, it’s something I’m really glad to have. I do often use the base and top coats with regular nail polish and they work just as well as Zoya’s regular base and top coats.

The range of nude tints gives you the freedom to create any “correction” you’d like. The purple cancels out yellow spots and the nude colors are used to brighten, cool, or warm the hue of your natural nail color. Any of the five tints can be used individually or layered to create your desired look.

The white tip perfector is just what it sounds like. It creates a healthy looking french tip without looking fake and chunky like acrylic nails. Instead, the sheer wash of white leaves your nails looking healthy.

The naked manicure polishes can be bought individually as well as in kits. Zoya has a couple of smaller kits of just three or four bottles. One marketed for women and even one marketed for men. Personally, I think it’s great that they’ve created a product for men.

In the comments I’d love to know, do you prefer natural nails or colorful nails?

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