I am a HUGE fan of the lovely Zoella! When she first released her beauty range last year I was so excited for her and wanted to try some things so bad! Living here in the US, it is a little bit difficult to get ahold of the products. Thank goodness Feel Unique ships worldwide, although it does take a long time for the package to arrive. When she announced her limited edition Christmas sets, I knew I had to finally get a couple of items to try out!  When I went to fill up my shopping cart, I found that a good number of the sets were already sold out. Luckily I managed to snag a couple before they disappeared. The Mini-Fizz Bar Trio is sold out now, but from what I can tell it is basically the same thing as the Original Fizz Bar. That is a permanent product in the range. The Mini-Fizz Bars are all the same scent as the original range. They are just packaged in an extra cute way for gifting purposes.

When I took the little bars out of their box, the box, unfortunately, stole parts of the rose gold detailing. These bars open up like a bar of chocolate. At the seals, there are little stickers that say “do not eat me” (cute but probably very smart)! I love how pretty and Zoella esque the packaging is!

Inside the pretty outer packaging, there is a thin plastic package to keep any bits of dusty crumbles from going anywhere. The bar can be split into two sections, like a chocolate bar. I used one section in my bath last night. It had a nice, light, floral fragrance. It kind of smells like a fashion magazine with a bunch of perfume samples in it, but in a pretty, gentle way. It wasn’t too overpowering. But if you prefer a stronger smell you could easily use both squares! This has no color to it but it left my skin feeling clean and smooth, not dehydrated and tight or over moisturized and slippery.

I really recommend the Fizz Bars! They are very affable! Unfortunately, these little ones are out of stock but the original one is in stock at this time. I am also excited to try the Fizz Bar from the Tutti Fruity collection!

What are your favorite products from Zoe’s range? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

❤️ Liz

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