Periods are a weird thing to talk about on the internet. Although, many of us come to the internet looking for suggestions on how to alleviate some of the side effects and deal better with that time of the month.

When I first got my period I took Midol to get rid of the cramps. I did that for several years. Most of the time it helped. When I started to have digestive issues I switched over to Tylenol. There are a lot of ingredients in Midol that I should not have. I figured that Tylenol would work better for me because it is advertised for people with sensitive stomachs. It did work, kind of, for a while, until it didn’t. After a while, there were many times where I would take the Tylenol and felt no better and there were many times where I would take it and felt a lot worse. My stomach is already pretty messed up when I have my period, I don’t need anything else making it worse.

I had just gotten into the essential oils when I was getting fed up with the bad cramps and wacked out tummy, so I went to good old Pinterest, looking for a solution. Pinterest Is the place to go for essential oil info and tips. I found that Young Living makes an oil blend called Dragon Time, for PMS type of symptoms . It is quite pricey so I searched for an alternative. I found a couple of Pinterest posts that said Geranium Oil works really well for them. I recently did a bit more research on geranium oil and learned that it is great for improving circulation, blood flow and mood boosting. On a side note, it is also great for keeping the skin looking younger! I was still hung up on the Dragon Time because it is specifically made for PMS. After doing a bit of browsing around the YL website, I found the Dragon Time in a massage oil formula! This is a big bottle, about a million times the size of a little essential oil bottle, it seems to have more uses and it was about ten dollars cheaper! I had to get it! And I love it! I use it all the time and not just when I have my period. It is very soothing to have a back rub with it. There is one specific time I remember I was in the worst mood, I rubbed this all over my torso and on the back of my neck and within minutes my mood completely turned around!

For period cramps I mix about half a pump of Dragon Time Massage Oil and about three drops of Geranium Oil and rub it all over my lower stomach and lower back. It works really well at keeping the pain at bay.

When I feel really bad I will add in one or both of these oils. The PanAway is similar to Icy Hot or Tiger Balm. It provides heat that can help relieve some of the internal pain. The DiGize is my best friend! It calms wacky tummies in minutes! I prefer to take a few drops on my tongue. Both of these oils are hot oils so it is recommended for them to be used with a carrier oil. I am lazy and the heat doesn’t bother me or irritate my skin so I normally don’t. But when I do feel like following the directions, I find that the Dragon Time Massage Oil works well as a topical carrier oil. I love using coconut oil as an oral carrier oil.

I highly recommend all four of these oils! The Massage Oil is great for both men and women to relax with. The Geranium Oil Is great for circulation and preventing wrinkles. The PanAway is great for body aches. And the DiGize is a tummy ache miracle worker!

If you are interested in purchasing any of these, it would mean a lot to me if you used my referral code 2949525 when logging into the Young Living site!

Do you use any of these oils? What do you use them for? What is your favorite essential oil? Please tell me in the comments below!

❤️ Liz

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