Essential oils are used in my home nearly every day in one fashion or another. We use them in our skincare routines, treating unhappy tummies or aching muscles, making the air smell lovely, and even when cleaning.

I’m back today with a little unboxing of my monthly Young Living Essential Rewards Box. The Essential Rewards Box is something that I am able to personalize to my own needs each month. Ordering YL oils this way allows me to receive a decent discount on Young Living’s retail prices and also receive points to turn in for even more discounts in the future.

Three of these oils are very well used and loved here in the Fox home, but one is a new addition to try out.


This is amazing added to a diffuser. It makes the area smell so bright and fresh. I also sometimes enjoy a drop of orange EO in a glass of water. On Pinterest, there are many pins suggesting to use orange oil for teeth whitening. I’ve added a drop to my toothbrush here and there, but have not done it consistently enough to notice a difference. It does taste nice though.


This is another great one to diffuse. It actually pairs really well with orange in the diffuser. Once in a while, if I’m out of peppermint or DiGize I will use this to soothe a funny feeling stomach.


I love lavender! It’s great to diffuse to add a bit of calm to a room. I use it on acne and mix it into face masks. When feeling stressed or anxious lavender is great to rub on my chest and wrists or to put on diffuser jewelry. Basically, I’m never without lavender or something that has lavender in it.

Gentle Baby

This is the new addition to my collection. I am on the hunt for a Young Living dupe for Plant Therapy’s Relax. This is my first test. No luck yet. Gentle Baby is really strong in ylang-ylang and geranium… stronger than I prefer.

I’d love for you to share in the comments what you picked out for your box this month. What are your top favorite oils? What are some interesting oils that I should try?

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Young Living Essential Rewards – May 2019

Young Living Essential Rewards – May 2019

Young Living has been one of my go-to essential oil brands for a number of years. Each month I get a box of products at a wholesale price that I have hand-picked for myself…

Young Living Essential Rewards, January ’18 | Unboxing

Young Living Essential Rewards, January ’18 | Unboxing

You’ve probably seen Young Living promoted by a few of your Facebook friends. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the brand, Young Living is a very successful essential oil company whose products are made from organic plants and processed on high-quality machines in the safest ways possible to maximize each bottle’s medicinal value.

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