Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen | Review

Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen | Review

Sunscreen is always an important thing to remember. Especially now that it is summertime and things are starting to get pretty hot here in Upstate New York. Being quite fair, I burn very easily if I spend too much time in the sun without any protection.

When my digestive issues were first starting to hit me hard, I was lifeguarding at a local campground’s outdoor pool. I came home several times with sunburns. I quite often forget to apply sunscreen and that’s why I burned. Unfortunately, I was following the TV commercials recommendations and using Neutrogena sunscreen, I was completely unaware of the damage all the chemicals were doing to my body. I now know about the many genetic issues with my detox pathways (MTHFR, etc.) and wish so much that I had a natural sunscreen like Goddess Garden’s when I was working at that pool!

EWG (Environmental Working Group) included Goddess Garden in their 2016 list of non-toxic sunscreens! Both the Everyday and the Sports Sunscreen are rated a 1 out of 10 toxicity level. I use EWG as a resource all the time when shopping for nontoxic items.

Both of these sunscreens are very comfortable to wear. When I applied them, I noticed a faint, “natural” scent, but it was pretty nondescript and faded quickly. I found that they took a little extra effort to rub in all the way. I had a bit of a difficult time getting the white streakiness to massage into my skin, more so with the Sports lotion than the Everyday lotion.

Overall, I really like both of these sunscreens. They come at a pretty reasonable price. The ingredients are wonderful! And they feel nice on the skin.

I recommend Goddess Garden sunscreen to any sunscreen user!

What is your favorite Goddess Garden product?

What is your favorite non-toxic sunscreen?

Please tell me in the comments!


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Note: These were sent to me to review. That, however, did NOT sway my opinions. What I have written above is 100% my own honest review. Thank you so much to Lauren at Goddess Garden for your kindness and generosity!

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