The Honest Co. Essentials Bundle Review

The Honest Co. Essentials Bundle Review

I really enjoy Honest Co. product. They have amazing, simple, harmless ingredients. The ingredients that they use are safe for both the planet and its people.

Honest Co. provides several different variations of auto ship subscriptions. This box is the sample version of one. You can order this trial for just the cost of shipping. You are then placed on an auto-ship subscription. Each auto shipment can be changed and edited based on what you need and when.
The Honest Company

In this free sample box, you receive Honest Face + Body Lotion, Honest Hand SoapHonest Shampoo + Body WashHonest Multi-Surface Cleaner, and Honest Healing Balm, all in travel size bottles.

The Honest Face + Body Lotion is incredibly hydrating without being heavy. It works well as both a hand lotion and a facial moisturizer. There are four scents available: apricot kiss, dreamy lavender, fragrance-free, and sweet orange vanilla. Fragrance-free was the scent that was included in this sample bundle.

Honest Hand Soap comes in mandarin, lavender, and lemongrass. Lavender is the scent that was included in this sample pack. It’s not my favorite lavender scent, but it still smells pretty nice. The bubbles that are created are silky and foamy, and my hands weren’t left feeling dried out.

The Shampoo + Body Wash that came in this box was sweet orange vanilla scented. It smells so good! Exactly how it sounds. The shampoo and body wash also comes in apricot kiss and dreamy lavender. This has a similar texture to the hand soap. Light and fluffy, clean but not dehydrated.

The Multi-Surface Cleaner works quite well on many surfaces (surprise surprise!) but I found that it left behind a sudsy, streaky film on mirrors. I’m not a fan of the scent. It has a hint of something like ammonia. I think I will stick with my favorite, Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner.

The organic healing balm can be a bit difficult to work with. In warmer weather, it can become a bit runny. The regular consistency is kind of similar to vaseline. It has a pretty nondescript scent, but that makes sense due to what it’s made of. All of the ingredients are organic oils like sunflower, olive, and coconut oils. Once it’s been worked into the skin, it is incredibly hydrating. Having a bottle on hand sounds like a good idea to me! Especially with the cold winter months that are sneaking up on us.

The Honest Company did a great job putting together this little trial package! All of the products are great and I would recommend and repurchase any of them.

What are your favorite Honest Co. products? Continue the conversation in the comments!


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