Have you tried Sally Hansen’s Salon Manicure Dry &Go Drops? If not you should pick them up at your local drugstore! They are amazing! (as long as you do it right) They way they work best for me is

1) Paint all of you normal coats of nail polish.
2) Right after you have painted your very last coat on all of your nails go back through and drop one or two drops on each finger depending on the nail size.
3) Wait a couple minutes and your fingers will be dry to touch.
This stuff speeds up the drying time quite a bit! I don’t recommend using these drops in-between coats. It has a weird oily, slippery texture to it that does funky things to polish that is added on top of it. Good luck! If you use this leave a comment about how you like this product or if you like something else better!
Buy it here: Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Dry & Go Drops

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