My hair has never been very fast at the whole growing thing and I have always wanted long locks! (Who doesn’t at some point?) So I am always willing to try just about anything I come across that might speed up the hair growing process. I saw this little set, it was pretty inexpensive so I decided to give it a shot. The Bottles were smaller than I expected. (I guess you could describe them as a smaller deluxe sample size.) I have thin, fine, bra strap length hair so it took me almost a week to go through the shampoo and conditioner (I wash my hair almost every day) and almost a month to get through the spray. I didn’t feel like it was enough time for me to get a proper feel for how well the shampoo and conditioner did their advertised job. But I didn’t like the way it felt or smelled. The shampoo felt weak and filmy in my hair. I like sudsy shampoos that feel like it is really cleaning. And the same thing goes for the conditioner. I like a creamy conditioner that feels moisturizing and this just felt like I was putting slippery water in my hair. It smelled like those gross little cinnamon candies that you put on your ice-cream. I loathed them as a kid, so the smell triggering that memory didn’t go over too well. The leave in conditioner spray was okay I guess but it wasn’t really anything special to write home about. So, unfortunately, I would have to say that I would not buy any of these again. If anyone has had better luck with these please share your thoughts in the comments! And if you want to try this out for yourself here are some links: I bought this at Ulta, but they don’t sell the set anymore. You can but them individually here. I did find the travel size set here and the full-size set here.

❤️ Liz

YL Essential Rewards Unboxing | April 2018

Essential oils are used in my home nearly every day in one fashion or another. We use them in our skincare routines, treating unhappy tummies or aching muscles, making the air smell lovely, and even when cleaning…

Young Living Essential Rewards, January ’18 | Unboxing

You’ve probably seen Young Living promoted by a few of your Facebook friends. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the brand, Young Living is a very successful essential oil company whose products are made from organic plants and processed on high-quality machines in the safest ways possible to maximize each bottle’s medicinal value.

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