Probiotics are becoming more and more popular in diet and health practices. Recently brands have been adding probiotics to their beauty products. Mother Dirt was created with the intent of keeping your external microbiome happy and healthy. There are four products available for skin and hair care: a probiotic mist, a shampoo, a foam cleanser, and an oil moisturizer. They come in bottles that are TSA approved so you can easily pack it in a carry on case for a flight. Even though the packages are small, a surprising amount of product is jammed in there. Each bottle lasted a lot longer than I anticipated.

All of the products are unscented, are hypoallergenic, and score very well by the Environmental Working Group.

The shampoo is very gentle… almost too gentle. It felt great when using it but my hair became greasy quickly throughout the day. I could not skip a day of washing my hair. I missed having a (naturally) scented shampoo. Mother Dirt doesn’t sell a conditioner to go along with their shampoo. On their website, it says a lot of people didn’t need one. My rat’s nest was still in desperate needed one so I chose The Honest Co. Conditioner.

The foam cleanser can be used for the face and body. It is so gentle, yet very effective. My skin didn’t feel stripped after cleansing, but it still removed my makeup. It even did a decent job taking off waterproof mascara! But again, I missed a pretty scent.

The moisturizer had a strange texture. It didn’t feel oily or greasy. It had more of a slippery texture, almost silicone like. The packaging for this one needs some work. It leaked a lot and often the oil would splatter or squirt when I would pump it out of the bottle.

AO+ Mist is a live probiotic spray. You can mist it anywhere on your body to replenish good bacteria. This mist is perfect… not so heavy that it leaves large droplets, but not so fine that you have to spray it a thousand times before you feel anything.

All in all, I wasn’t as impressed as I’d hoped to be. Even though the mist is slightly pricier than I’d prefer, I really liked the texture so I would repurchase it. I also liked the gentle cleanser and might pick that one up again. The oil cleanser and shampoo didn’t wow me. However, I am glad I tried Mother Dirt. My eyes were opened to this trend. I look forward to seeing what the natural beauty community comes up with next using pro and prebiotics.

What are your favorite good bug supporting products? Please share with everyone in the comments!

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