I have always had trouble growing my hair out and I am willing to try just about anything, So I gave this hair growth treatment a shot.While researching it I found that it is a real hit or miss type of product. It works great for some people and for others it doesn’t do a thing. My experience is leaning more towards the unsuccessful side.
I used this almost every day in the shower and really hated the fact that I had to stay in there for an extra five minutes while it sat in my hair. It is like a thicker conditioner and its has a chemical scent to it. I did not like the scent. Some people say it makes their hair feel thicker or softer but I didn’t notice any difference really. The price wasn’t too bad for just the one time purchase but I went through the tub in two weeks so I couldn’t really justify buying it again and again. Especially since I didn’t really care for it and could see that it was not working very well.
Lots of people have had success using this treatment so it could work for you.

If you would like, you can check it out here: Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

If you have used this please share in the comments what you thought of it!

❤️ Liz

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YL Essential Rewards Unboxing | April 2018

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