Recently I have been struggling with acne. At 20 years old, this is the worst my acne has ever been. There are several possible contributing factors. I was using a lot of harsh, chemically products for a long time. I have recently made the switch to natural products. My gut is also in really poor condition. A very common symptom of digestive disorders is skin conditions, like acne.

This two-step cleansing system from Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is the first completely natural facial cleanser I have tried. While is hasn’t cured me of acne, it has helped my skin heal quite a bit faster from each zit that I get.

For me, there are too many parts to the system to use in the shower, so I only use it when getting ready for bed. I only need two or three pumps of the oil cleanser, and when I wear makeup I add a couple of extra pumps to melt any tough to remove eye makeup, like mascara. The biodegradable towelettes wipe away the oil and makeup really well.

One problem: I have gone through all of the wipes, but I still have half the bottle of cleanser left. However, the wipes are really big. I think if I were to use these again I would cut each wipe in half and only use only one half at a time. I could not find any information on how many wipes came in the packet.

The packet was packaged in a cute little box. I found that I had to be really careful opening and closing it. The box easily came undone and was a bit annoying to have to put back together to close properly.

I love the smell of both the cleanser and the wipes. It’s very lemony and herby and yummy smelling!

I love the ingredients! Both products are vegan. All of the ingredients are plant based. Almost all of them are organic. The few that are not certified organic are Non-GMO. This system is about as natural and non-toxic as you can get!

Overall I really enjoyed this cleansing duo. I would purchase it again! And I highly recommend it!

Have you tried any products from Lauren Brooke?

What is your favorite nontoxic skin care product?

I would love to hear what you have to say in the comments below!


Note: This cleansing set was sent to me to review. All opinion and observations  stated above are my 100% honest experiences and statements. Thank you so much to Chris at Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques for your kindness and generosity!  


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