Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is a great company for natural and organic makeup and skin care. I have reviewed and enjoyed several of their products in the past (eye products and facial cleanser). This trio of a foundation, concealer, and powder work very well together. An amazing option that they offer at Lauren Brooke it the ease of buying samples of nearly every product they sell. (That is what I have pictured on this post.) The samples are filled with plenty of products to get a feel for what formula you might like and what color works best.

The Cream Foundation comes in many shades and tones but seems to be slightly catered to fairer complexions. It has a buttery smooth texture that blends nicely. A dewy finish is left. To mattify that, I like to use Lauren Brook’s Finishing Powder. It leaves my skin just matte enough without getting to scally or cakey looking.

When needed the Cream Concealer covers spots and redness very well. For undereye darkness, I was pleasantly surprised by the Luminous Eyes Corrective Concealer. I’d never used a color correcting concealer before. The finishing powder sets both of these concealers just as well as the foundation.

Each of these is made with 100% natural vitamins, minerals, and pigments, as well as 97% to 100% certified organic botanical bases.

I wouldn’t recommend the cream products to someone with overly oily skin, but I would recommend the powder to someone with dryer skin, struggling to find a good one.

I look forward to purchasing full sizes of all of these. They would be a great addition to a winter makeup routine!

What are you favorite natural foundations/concealers/powders? I’d love to learn about them in the comments!


Thank you to Chris at Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques for being so wonderful! I enjoyed sampling these.

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