Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is a great brand for affordable, healthy beauty products. A few months ago I reviewed one of their skin care sets that I really enjoyed. Their products are made from high quality, organic ingredients and are infused with many nourishing vitamins and minerals.

My favorite makeup item is mascara. I feel like I look a bit more alive and put together when I wear it. I like my mascara to be noticeably lengthening and volumizing. I also like it to be water and smudge proof.

If you like more subtle, natural mascara I’d recommend this one from Lauren Brooke. I can hardly tell that I’ve applied it.

I often struggle with smudging. Even my waterproof mascara smudges a bit sometimes. When I first tried this mascara I was using coconut oil as a moisturizer. Do NOT use an oil moisturizer with this mascara. You may be mistaken for a raccoon. Using cream moisturizers I have far less smudging with this mascara.

If you don’t struggle with smudging and you prefer a natural effect, this mascara would be great for you!

These pressed eyeshadow duos have a wonderful silky texture. They blend very well and have pretty decent pigmentation.

The shades Smokey Plum, and Sweet Pea aren’t exactly my speed but there are tons of other color combinations available on Lauren Brooke’s website for any skin tone or color preference!

I had some creasing pretty quickly after applying so I would recommend using a primer with this.

I’m not much of an eyeliner wearer. I physically struggle with applying it. Normally, my eyelids will end up looking about as neat and “on fleak” as a two-year old’s coloring book. I did, however, give this eyeliner a shot. It is very creamy and easy to apply. For a subtle look, just lightly lining my upper lashes with this brown liner gave me a slightly different look than I normally get with just mascara. It’s nice for a little change every now and again.

Since I don’t use eyeliners very often, I decided to try this as an eyebrow pencil. Even though I have dirty blonde brows, and the pencil is dark brown, it works! It needs to be applied very, very gently, but it blends like a dream.

Out of these three products, I would repurchase the eyeliner (as a brow pencil), and the eyeshadow duo in other colors (as long as I find a non-toxic primer… any recommendations?). The mascara wasn’t as dramatic and long lasting as I’d like.


What are your favorite Lauren Brooke products? Please share in the comments!




Note: Thank you so much to Chris at Lauren Brooke for being so kind and generous. I really enjoyed reviewing these eye products!

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