Another installment in my journey to detoxify my lifestyle…

In the past, I have tried a few shampoos and conditioners from the natural section in Wegmans. As I am learning more about ingredients that are used to make our personal care products, I am finding that those products that I tried may not have been as clean as I thought or am now looking for. I also didn’t like the results I got from those products. To me, they felt weak and thin.

Juice Organics “Brightening Shampoo & Conditioner” Is the cleanest set I’ve tried, and I am really happy with it!  The majority of the ingredients are certified organic. The few nonorganic ingredients have good ratings on EWG’s Skin Deep database. The Shampoo and Conditioner score a rating of two each on the Skin Deep database.

The two products smell delicious as well! I have become quite sensitive to synthetic fragrances. It has been a nice change of pace to have something with a real fragrance that I enjoy rather than the artificial scents that make me feel sick.

When using a shampoo I don’t feel like it is cleaning unless there are suds. Juice Organics Brightening Shampoo creates all of the suds I could need. It also keeps my hair clean. I prefer to wash my hair every other day and with this set, my roots stay clean for those two days without the need for a dry shampoo.

Juice Organics Brightening Conditioner is the thickest, creamiest conditioner I’ve ever used. That makes me very happy! My hair is always knotty and I get split ends easily. This moisturizing conditioner works the knots out of my hair with ease and it keeps my hair feeling soft and silky! If one wishes, it can be left in for a few minutes to be used as a hydrating mask.

The shampoo and conditioner are also meant to be interchangeable. If you have really fine hair that is easily weighed down you can use the conditioner fist, then the shampoo to wash out the weight. Personally, I prefer using the duo in the regular order.

The bottles are HUGE! A couple of ounces larger than a normal bottle of shampoo or conditioner.

I left these in the shower for my family to try. It went over with great success!

I also gave a couple of sample packets a try. They both smelled amazing! But I didn’t care for how they made my hair feel. The Volumizing Shampoo caused my hair be more prone to knots than it is on a regular day. They conditioner did not help to remove those knots. The Repairing shampoo and conditioner didn’t do a whole lot better at dealing with my knots. I also found that my roots became oily quite quickly.

I am very happy with the Brightening shampoo and conditioner! I would repurchase and I recommend trying it out!

Have you tried anything from Juice Organics? What is your favorite?

What is your favorite non-toxic hair product?

Please tell me in the comments!


Note: Juice Organics kindly sent this product to me to review. Everything I have written was my own, honest opinions and experiences. Thank you to Mckenzi at Juice Organics for your kindness and generosity!  

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