Lately, my skin has been flaky in many places. A lot of it is from acne and some of it is because of the weird New York weather. I tend to gravitate towards matte foundations because my skin’s version of a dewy look is normally a sweaty look. But matte foundations look terrible over flaky skin! bareMinerals ‘Complexion Rescue’ Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream is awesome! I had heard a few things about it that I really liked before I bought it. It is formulated different from any other “foundation” type of product, so your skin gets a lot out of it. This YouTube video really made an impression on me. Niomi explains this product really well, and how it is so different from anything else.

It sits really well on the skin. It doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. It blends in really well, and I normally have the worst time blending products like this in! If you are looking for full coverage, this is not for you. This just provides a sheer wash of color to even out your skin tone. I do use a concealer on top of it, where I need to. I wouldn’t recommend using a primer under it. It does not need it, and I would think that the primer would block some of the benefits.

bareMinerals Smoothing Face Brush was made specifically for this tinted moisturizer. I did not buy it. For a brush, it was a little too pricy. I find that this tinted moisturizer clings to my brushes, and is hard to wash off. I feel like I am wasting a bunch of product that way. For me, just blending it in with my fingers works the best!

Have you tried the Complexion Rescue? What about the Smoothing Face Brush? Do you like them? Please tell me in the comments!


❤️ Liz

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