Face masks are always a fun way to pamper your skin. I really like using masks from which you can see the results immediately. You can see when clay masks draw out oils. With peel off masks, you can see the gunk that has been pulled out of your pores. When I saw this Kombucha Peel from Andalou Naturals I was very intrigued.

I believe in the be benefits of probiotics. Kombucha is a great probiotic rich drink. When I saw the name of this mask I was very curious about the probiotic factor. I haven’t been able to find much information from Andalou about the reasons behind using kombucha in this mask. Probiotic skincare still sounds really intriguing!

The main focus of the ingredients in this mask are the fruit enzynmes. They are there to dissolve and gently exfoliate dead skin cells and any other gunk in your pores.

It truly is a gentle mask. It is a gel like texture. You apply it, let it dry, then wash it away. It is clear, very light weight and flexible. It’s nothing like a clay mask or a peel off mask. (So in other words, it’s not any fun.)  I imagine this would be great for someone with really sensitive skin. I personly prefer something a bit more rugged. Something that provides grossly satisfying results, and that’s fun to use.

Since I don’t feel excited to use this kombucha mask, I don’t reach for it very often. I imagine, to see real results I’d have to use it frequantly. Because I only reach for it every so often I haven’t seen any improvement in my skin. Although, after removing it each time my skin does feel very soft. So it must be doing its job. You just have to keep up with it.

This gentle exfoliating mask is from the same “Clear Skin” range as the mattifying moisturizer I posted about recently.

I feel sort of neutral about this one. I didn’t love it but I didn’t dislike it. Let me put it this way: I don’t feel like I won’t survive when I run out. I look forward to trying a new mask, but I also would like to try other products from this range.

What kind of face masks do you like? What are your favorites, or do you make your own?



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