It is the beginning of December. Here in New York, we have had a drop in temperature and have seen a few snow falls. Like many, when the chilly months hit, my skin gets dried out. I especially feel it in my lips. Portland Bee Balm has been a crucial part of both my morning and night time skin care routines.

Portland Bee balm has an amazing texture. It is hydrating without being greasy or slippery. After applying the lip balm my lips feel healthy all day.

I love both the unscented and the mint scented balms. The unscented has a slightly nutty smell to it, but it’s hardly noticeable. The mint smells just like my favorite peppermint tea. A lot of people won’t use lip products with mint because of the cool, tingly feeling it can cause. This mint balm isn’t like that. It has just enough peppermint essential oil in it to give a nice sweet scent, but not enough to irritate the skin.

The ingredients are so simple and clean: bee’s wax, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, and peppermint oil in the mint balm. All of their ingredients are local to their headquarters in the NorthWestern United States.

Not only is the product incredible, but the packaging that it comes in is beautiful! The plastic tube is wrapped in a thin piece of wood with the Portland Bee Balm logo burned into it. It feels great to hold in your hands and to apply. It’s also wonderful to look at.

I’ve loved using both of these and would repurchase in a heartbeat. If I had to choose my favorite, I would have to go with the mint. But if mint isn’t your cuppa tea (pun intended😂), the unscented is beautiful as well.

What is your favorite winter lip care product? Please share in the comments!


Note: Thank you to Brian at Portland Bee Balm for allowing me to review your lovely products! 

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