My 23andMe Experience

For many months I have been thinking about doing 23andMe genetic testing. Or any genetic testing in general for that matter. There are many companies that test DNA for many different reasons. A few years ago 23andMe was focused on the connection between health and...

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Spring Cleaning and Spring Changing💐

It is now officially spring and a good time to clean, get rid of junk and refresh. That is exactly what I have been doing for the last few weeks. What I have been dejunking are my lifestyle and the things I put in and on my body. As a household, we have made a major...

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I’m doing a little research

I have recently had the opportunity to learn a lot more about the chemicals we use in our cosmetic products and how they affect our body, health, and even the planet. I am curious about what others think about this general topic so I put together a quick, 10 question...

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