Andalou Naturals is a great brand to finds a wide range of natural skin, body and hair care products for the whole family and all skin types. I have reviewed a couple full sized products for this kit recently. They can be found here and here.

This particular range is created for oily, problematic skin. There are also many ingredients for anti-aging and firming. Kombucha is added as well, though it is not clear which strains of probiotics are in the kombucha, or how long the probiotics are active for. To try out the five main products from the clear skin line, Andalou has put together this travel size tester kit.

The cleansing gel bubbles up nicely, and washes away excess oils, but does so without leaving the skin ridiculously tight and bone dry.

The pore minimizing toner has a cooling effect. It smells of mint but the herbs take down the punch that peppermint can have.

A couple of times a week using the exfoliating mask helps to gently exfoliate the skin without using any abrasive ingredients.

The oil-free moisturizer hydrates and stays matte at the same time. I prefer to use it in the morning. Because it has a matte finish it works well under makeup.

The recovery cream is best to be used in at the end of your evening routine. It is slightly thicker and leaves somewhat of a dewy effect. It is very moisturizing without being heavy.

Except for the toner, all of these products have an herby-citrus scent. I’ve really liked all five of these products but my favorites are the oil-free moisturizer and the toner.

For me, these products haven’t completely eliminated my acne, but my spots heal quickly. I have the best results when I quit fussing with and picking at my acne. Just leaving my skin alone and letting these gentle products do their work has helped my skin stay a little clearer.

Do you have any favorite Andalou products? Which acne remedies have worked well for you? Share in the comments!


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